Friday, May 31, 2013

New Academic Session: 2013-2014

The College will be re-opened for the new academic session (2013-2014) on 5th June, 2013.
Here is list of events of the arrival week.

5th June, 2013 (Wednesday): Arrival
6th June, 2013 (Thursday):     Registration & Interview (Faculty Council)
7th June, 2013 (Friday):         Registration & Interview (Faculty Council)
8th June, 2013 (Saturday):     Social Work
9th June, 2013 (Sunday):       Thanksgiving & Dedication
10th June, 2013 (Monday):   Classes begin

Rev. Dr.R.Zolawma: The New Principal

As the Assembly Executive Committee of the Baptist Church of Mizoram already appointed Rev.Dr.R.Zolawma as the New Principal of AICS in the month of January this year (2013). Dr.Zova has taken the charge of the Principal on 23rd April, 2013 and occupied the office.

Rev Dr. Zolawma is a graduate (BTh. & BD) of Eastern Theological College. He got his MTh (Systematic Theology) degree from United Theological College, Bangalore  and Doctor of Theology (DTh.) from FFRC, Kottayam under Senate of Serampore College (University).