Friday, August 5, 2011

BD Result: Senate of Serampore College (University). Graduates of 2011.

First Class (A-)

  1. FP Lalnunrema
  2. Rochhuahthanga Jongte

High Second Class (B+)

  1. Lalhruaia Chenkual
  2. PC Lalrinawma
  3. Zodinsanga
  4. Hmingthanzama Chongthu

Second Class (B)

  1. K.Lalhmangaihzuala
  2. Ramnghakmawia
  3. PC Lalropuia
  4. LH Lalmalsawma
  5. Lalsanglura Sailo
  6. Lalrinawma Sailo

Lower Second Class (B-)

  1. K.Lalmuanpuii
  2. Dennis F.Vanlalthlengliana
  3. ZD LalengzualaMG Thian Deih Kim
  4. Ruanglian
  5. Lalsangkhuma

Third Class (C+)

  1. P.Lallawmawma
  2. Chatuan Lalreia Langva
  3. K.Awmchuai
  4. Dutta Rampait

Pass (Grade Awaiting)

  1. K.Lalhmingsangi
  2. Kento Koyu

First Time in AICS Histiory we have two first class,.
This is the Lord's Doing, It is Mervelous in our eyes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Re-opening of the College for 2011-2012 (New Session)

Date of Arrival for Freshers (BD & M.Div) : 1st June (Wednesday) 2011.
Orientation Classes (For all the freshers) : 2nd - 8th June, 2011.

Date of Arrival for Renewal (BD & M.Div) : 8th June (Wednesday) 2011.
Social Work & Registration : 9th June (Thursday) 2011.
Interview & Orientation : 10th June (Friday) 2011.
R E TR E A T : 10th - 12th June, 2011.

Classes Begin : 14th June (Tuesday) 2011.

All the students (Old/renewal or New/fresher) are hereby informed to arrive on your respective arrival day as shown above.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Department of Ministerial Training is commencing Lay Leadership Training during the interval of the college's session as follows:

1. 27th April - 1st May: Buarpui

2. 11th May - 15th May: Muallianpui

3. 25th May - 29th May: ZPMBK, Shillong

Apart from Professors and Lecturers of AICS the top officials of BCM (GS and AGSes) and Rev. R.Lalnunzira (General Secretary, NEICC) will also take part in teaching during this Lay Leadership Training.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The Board of Theological Education, Baptist Church of Mizoram selected the following candidates for Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity for the new session (2011).

Bachelor of Divinity
1. A. Remthanga (Bru Baptist Church, Nghalimlui)
2. Benjamin Lallawmkima (BCM Kikawn, Lunglei)
3. Eden Remnalalduhawma (BCM Bualpui, Lawngtlai Dist)
4. Eddie C.Laldinsanga (BCM Tlabung)
5. Emmanuel Lalruatsanga (BCM Electric, Lunglei)
6. Hellhun Dimngel (Thadou Kuki Baptist, Manipur)
7. Laldinmawia Hnamte (BCM Lunglawn, Lunglei)
8. Lalmuanpuia Fanai (Salvation Army, Tuikual 'S', Aizawl)
9. Lalramliana (BCM Aizawl West, Dinthar Aizawl)
10.Lalramhluna Chhangte (BCM Ramhlun 'S' Aizawl)
11.Lalramhluna Pachuau (BCM, Rahsiveng)
12.Lalnunsiama Sailo (Rinna Kohhran, Hnahthial)
13.Lalsangliana Pachuau (BCM Lungsen)
14.Malsawmkima Pautu (IKK, Saitual)
15.R.Lalkhamliana (BCM Bethlehem, Thenzawl)
16.TC Lalduhthlana (BCM Kanan, Lunglei)
17.Telvum Seikhogin Haokip (Methodist, Samukom Manipur)
18.T.Lalhmingthanga (BCM Aizawl West, Dinthar Aizawl)
19.Vanlalrema Renthlei (BCM, Electric Lunglei)
20.Vanlalnghaksanga Khenglawt (LIKBK Vawmbuk, Lawngtlai Dist)

Wait List: 1. Thangminlun Vaiphei (KCC, Manipur)

Master of Divinity
1. C.Zodinmawii (BCM Bunghmun, Lunglei Dist)
2. H.Neihkim (Baptist, Nagaland)
3. Joseph Lalbiaksiama (BCM SouthVanlaiphai)
4. Laldinliana Khiangte (BCM Ramrikawn, Pangzawl)
5. Phalneineng Singsit (Evangelical Church, Manipur)
6. TH Letkhoson Haokip (Baptist, Manipur)

Monday, April 18, 2011


27 Graduates (Class of 2011) 24 Bachellor of Divinity and 3 Master of Divinity were valedicted by Dr. RL Hnuni, Principal, during the 9th Valedictory Service on 14th April, 2011 at Pastor Thanzinga Chapel, AICS. Valedictory Address was delivered by Rev. Dr. Ravi Tiwari, Registrar, Senate of Serampore College. Rev. H.Lianngaia, General Secretary, Baptist Church of Mizoram also graced the Service with his short and meaningful Speech. The service was also enriched by the melodious singing of Lawngtlai Area Baptist Choir and Territorial Songsters, The Salvation Army Aizawl. The following are list of graduates:

Bachelor of Divinity (BD)
1. Dennis Vanlalthlengliana (IKK)
2. Dutta Ram Pait (Mising Baptist, Assam)
3. F.Lalnunrema (BCM Hauruang)
4. K. Lalhmangaihzuala (BCM Salome, Aizawl)
5. K. Lalmuanpuii (BCM Chanmari, Hnahthial)
6. Lalhruaia Chenkual (BCM Salem, Lawngtlai)
7. P. Lallawmawma (BCM Tlabung)
8. Lalrinawma Sailo (BCM Rahsiveng, Lunglei)
9. Lalsanglura Sailo(BCM Bungtlang 'W')
10. Lalsangkhuma (Methodist, Myanmar)
11. LH Lalmalsawma (BCM Serkawn)
12. PC Lalrinawma (BCM Bunghmun)
13. Rev. PC Lalropuia (BCM Pastor)
14. Ramnghakmawia Hnamte (BCM Chanmari, Lunglei)
15. Rochhuahthanga Jongte (Behliangchhip Tripura, TBCU)
16. Ruang Lian (Methodist, Myanmar)
17. Thian Deih Kim (Baptist, Myanmar)
18. ZD Lalengzuala (BCM Mahanaim, Lungsen)
19. Zodinsanga (BCM Putlungasih )
20. K. Awmchuai (Presbyterian, Myanmar)
21. K.Lalhmingsangi (IKK, Saiha)
22. Hmingthanzama Chawngthu (BCM Buarpui)
23. Kento Koyu (Adi Baptist, Arunachal Pradesh)
24. Chatuan Lalreia Langva (IKK, Bualpui 'NG')

Master of Divinity (M.Div)
1. HL Liantluanga (BCM Missionary, Arunachal West Field)
2. C. Lalthanzama (BCM Electric, Lunglei)
3. V. Chatuanlalhrilvela (LIKBK)