Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ordination of Dr. RL Hnuni, Principal

The patriarchal structure of the Mizo society is responsible for many traditions followed in the church. One of them is the 'No Women Ordination' . However for the first time in the History of Christianity in Mizoram, the Baptist Church of Mizoram took a drastic step of change in the tradition of churches in the region by ordaining Dr. RL Hnuni, Principal of the Academy of Integrated Christian Studies. The Ordination took place on Sunday morning of 11th March 2012. Along with Dr. Hnuni, 5 probationary pastors who accomplished 3 years of their probation were also ordained. The Ordination Service was administered by Rev. Dr. Raltawnga Chhakchhuak, the President of Baptist Church of Mizoram.

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  1. Congratulations to Rev Dr Hnuni on finally achieving this milestone after so many years of teaching Ordinands. Thanks be to God.