Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Valedictory 2012: 15th April

The following students of various courses are valedicted on 15th April, 2012. The valedictory service was led by Rev. Dr. RL Hnuni, Principal and Valedictory Address was delivered by Rev. Dr. Raltawnga, President, Baptist Church of Mizoram. John Lalramthara Ralte received General Proficiency Prize for securing the highest among Graduates of 2012, his aggregate stands at 70% (A-)

Bachelor of Divinity:
1) Lhingneihkim, Baptist Church of Mizoram
2) Lalbiaknii, Baptist Church of Mizoram

Master of Divinity:
1) L.Vanlalzuia, Missionary, Baptist Church of Mizoram
2) C.Lalruatkima, Baptist Church of Mizoram
3) R.Lalramsangi, Baptist Church of Mizoram
4) B.Lalengzauva, Baptist Church of Mizoram
5) Risors Chakma, Bangladesh
6) Lalhmasawn Hmar, Independent Church of India
7) John Lalramthara Ralte, Independent Church of India
8) V.Hrilliana, Isua Krista Kohhran, Bualpui 'NG'

Diploma in Mission Studies(Missionary Training):
1) C. Lalnunsiama, Tripura
2) John F. Zonunsanga, Tripura
3) Lalremsanga Sailo
4) C.Vanlalhruaia, Arunachal West
5) Zothanpuia, Arunachal East
6) Lalfakliana, Arunachal East,
7) C.Zaithanmawia, Arunachal East
8) Lalrindika Sailo, Assam Bengal
9) C.Lalremruati, West Bengal
10) CL Remruata, Jharkhand
11) CT Lalruatthanga, Damparengpui, Bru Mission

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