Friday, August 5, 2011

BD Result: Senate of Serampore College (University). Graduates of 2011.

First Class (A-)

  1. FP Lalnunrema
  2. Rochhuahthanga Jongte

High Second Class (B+)

  1. Lalhruaia Chenkual
  2. PC Lalrinawma
  3. Zodinsanga
  4. Hmingthanzama Chongthu

Second Class (B)

  1. K.Lalhmangaihzuala
  2. Ramnghakmawia
  3. PC Lalropuia
  4. LH Lalmalsawma
  5. Lalsanglura Sailo
  6. Lalrinawma Sailo

Lower Second Class (B-)

  1. K.Lalmuanpuii
  2. Dennis F.Vanlalthlengliana
  3. ZD LalengzualaMG Thian Deih Kim
  4. Ruanglian
  5. Lalsangkhuma

Third Class (C+)

  1. P.Lallawmawma
  2. Chatuan Lalreia Langva
  3. K.Awmchuai
  4. Dutta Rampait

Pass (Grade Awaiting)

  1. K.Lalhmingsangi
  2. Kento Koyu

First Time in AICS Histiory we have two first class,.
This is the Lord's Doing, It is Mervelous in our eyes.


  1. congrats! AICS. am proud of the two guys who passed in first class.God bless AICS.

  2. AICS BD result a passed zawng zawngte ka lawmpui che u.